Relative Atomic Mass Calculator

how do you calculate the Average Atomic Mass Calculator-

In finding the atomic mass, follow these steps

  1. Start with the formula: A = Z + N.
  2. Replace Zand N with the real values for the numbers of protons and neutrons respectively.
  3. Add the sum to get the atomic mass A as your answer.

In reality, the mass number of an element is determined by the number of protons plus neutrons : mass number = protons + neutrons.

Relative Atomic Mass Calculator

Average Atomic Mass Calculator

We use this formula to find the relative atomic mass is ∑ isotope mass x isotope abundance / 100. Relative molecular mass (Mr) is the weighted average of the mass of a molecule compared to 1/12 of the mass of the carbon-12 atom. Mostly used when discussing about covalent compounds.

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