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Drunk Text Generator
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what do we mean by drunk texting?

for example, saying that you still love your ex while you are already married with kids.

since you are drunk when typing the drunk text, it might be filled wioth bad punctuation or grammar.

signs of a drunken text is misspelt grammar, sending at the wrong time of the day or night usually late hours, and abnoraml text message meanings.

Drunk Text examplesMeaning of drunk texts
"Wherrr arr youuu?" Trying to find someone or a friend.
"I miss you so mch" The person is feeling emotional and nostalgic.
"Letss get tacoos!!!" The person has a craving for food, specifically tacos.
"You’re the best frnd everrr"" The person is feeling affectionate.
"I think I still love u"The person is feeling sentimental or regretful.
"Cant feeel my face lol"" The person is very intoxicated.
"Why'd u leave mee?" The person is feeling abandoned or upset.
"Comeover nwo pls" The person wants company immediately.
"Im at the bar. whre r u?"Trying to check on his or her location.
"Im so sory abut evrythng"The person is feeling apologetic.
"I want pizza so badd"The person is craving pizza.
"Are you awak? I need talk"TWanting to talk about an urgent matter.
"Gues what? I quit my job!!" Sharing a big news impulsively.
"Lets book a trip to Paris!!"Feeling a bit adventurous or spontaneous.
"Can we pls get back together?" Trying to rekkindle former desire or love.
"I can hear colors lol" Becoming etremely intoxicated.
"I jus wanna say ily" Just feeling affectionate .
"I forgot my keys agan"The person is accepting he made a mistake.
"I'm sooooo drunkk""I'm so drunk." The person is acknowledging their level of intoxication.
"Text me when u get home safe""Text me when you get home safe." The person is concerned for someone’s safety.

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