Dunk Calculator online

This dunk calculator tool can check your vertical jumps in cm or feet. Now you can see your progress and what must e done to improve your basketball dunking skills.

What do you mean by  Dunk Calculator?

A Dunk calculator is an online tool used in estimating the potential of a basketball player to dunk a basketball according to his physical attributes or skills. When using the dunking calculator for vertical jump dunks, enter the values for heights, wingspan or standing reach, and the vertical jump. These factors are responsible for improving your dunking abilities.

Dunk Calculator

Dunk Calculator

Your Estimated Dunk Height

How does the dunking calculator work?

The dunking calculator works online by using a series of mathematical formula and principles to determine how far you can dunk. Lets see a breakdown of the key components.

  1. Your height: Those who are taller tend to have an advantage over shorter persons since they are closer to the rim when dunking.
  2. Wingspan : The wingspan has to do with the distance between a basketball players fingertips and the rim when they extend their arms. A longer wingspan means you will get to the rim faster
  3. The standing reach: This is the distance between the ground to your highest point when you reach the top. This is important in determining how you should jump
  4. Vertical jump:  This is the height you can leap to from a stand still position. It’s a critical factor in dunking.

For example, if your standing reach is 8 feet, and the rim height is 10ft, you must jump at least 24 inches to reach the rim.  

What height do I need to  Jump ?

To find out the height you need to jump before you dunk, use our calculator tool

The calculation

If your standing reach is 7 feet and 6 inches, which is about 90 inches, standing reach is 7 feet 6 inches (90 inches):

  • Rim height is 120 inches
  • Standing rim 90 inches
  • Vertical jump: 120-90= 30 inches.

You will need a jump of 30 inches.

Improving Your Vertical Jump

If you have noticed that your jump isn’t good enough, do not get discouraged. There are a few things you canto to improve your vertical leap.

  1. Strength training : : engage in short exercises for strength
  2. Improve your flexibility

Be consistent.

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