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Finding the longest words without repeating letters online, we see the word “subdermatoglyphic,” which is a medical term, having 17 letters. We see 2 other words about 15 letters: They are “uncopyrightable,” and “misconjugatedly.”

Examples of long word with different letters?


  • 12 letters word are : adsorptively| ambidextrous| amblygonites.
  • 13 letters word are - |consumptively | copyrightable| documentarily etc.
  • 14 letters word are - ambidextrously. |computerizably| copyrightables|
  • 15 letters word are - |dermatoglyphics. hydropneumatics. misconjugatedly. uncopyrightable.
  • 16 letter word - uncopyrightables, unquestionables

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