Markdown to html converter

You can convert markdown to word, markdown to plain text or markdown to google docs or rich text format using our online converter. Turn makrdown format to text easily online.

What does Markdown to html mean?

markdown is actually a markup language which is used in formating a normal text. we use it to set a good structure and appearance. This is know as placing it in a good format. You can also style your content with this format. Use our markdown to html generator to make your heading, list , bold italics and underline formats easier.

Markdown to html Converter

Markdown to html Converter



How do you print Markdown as html text?

start by opening your pallette press the corol +shift + P. key on windows. look for the command “Markdown: Copy as HTML”. this will copy the command to the clipboard if it cdetects any text. when no text is seen, the rest of the text will be copied as html

Can you use Markdown instead of html or plain text?

yes you can use both HTML or Markdown. . Although some find it better and easier to use markdown than html.