snow day calculator


How can i calculate a snow day?

If you want to measure or calculate the snow,Push your yardstick right into the snow, at an angle perpendicular to the ground and let it reach the snow board. Then you can measure the sow to the nearest tenth of an inch.e.g. 4.4 inches. Keep a record of everything you have taken until the storm is over . thiswill enableyou report the storm total amount.

Snow Day Calculator

Snow Day Calculator

What number of inches is ok in a snow day?

About  5 to 6 inches of snow is generally accepted . Predicting the amount of snow isnt all easy as it also depends on the type of director handling the school project.

who isthe person that invented the snow day calculator?

Answer: David Sukhan

David Sukhan, is the creator of the Snow Day Calculator, as the equipment uses an algorithm to collect vital information you give it and predicts the snow day amount. Although this is not aperfect instrument.

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