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What kind of text do they use in an Undertale?

The undertale uses the 8-bit operator JVE to do its naration , the overworld dialogue, as its primary interface.

Undertale text Fonts generator

Comic Sans MS:


Determination Mono:

8-bit Operator:

Do you know the Undertale sans font?

Sans was made by Toby fox ashe got some support from a fellow artist Temmie chang. It based his character name on the Cosmic Sans font as he usee them in his in-game discussions. The typeface was later replaced.

What is the color of a text in Undertale?

For most part, they will use a white color but there are moments a color-chnage is effected. We have the ball game and the monsters name and some words maight be highlighted in color shades of yellow, red or blue.

Is the Papyrus font older than the Sans?

according to wikipedia, the  Sans is older than the payrus. this can be seen in a social media tweet by Toby saying tyhat the papyrus would sometimes refer to the sans as the aniki. this means the older brother. It might also means a sign of respect and not their real age grade or differences.

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